Why Parent-Teacher Relationship is More Important Than You Think

11 Oct 2016 | Class Management, Learning, Parents

A child is the focus of both parents and teachers. While it is okay for both to teach individually, nurturing a relationship between the parents and teacher and making collaborative strategies will create the best environment for the child.

Here are 5 reasons why nurturing a parent-teacher relationship is important:

1. Education is a collaborative effort.

Like the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”, your contribution as a teacher or parent is very important in the child’s education. Continuous communication is very important in your child’s learning.

2. Good parent-teacher relationship = wonderful support for the child.

When a child is surrounded by caring people who work towards the same goal, it creates a positive environment which will help the child.

Childhood depression is often not on parents’ radar, so it can be easy to miss.

3. Don’t be afraid to express challenges, but always starts with the positives.

Every child has his/her own challenges, strengths and weaknesses. Avoid the habit of always talking about the positives, or negatives. Balance it out, but always start with praising their strengths and progress.

4. It will help tremendously with homework progress.

By continuous communication, the parents are more aware of what the child is learning, and creates the opportunity to continue the learning at home.

5. Give or get suggestions to combat some challenges at home as well.

Consistency in both settings (home and school) is fundamental in modifying negative behaviours and strengthening positive behaviours.

For parents or teachers who haven’t been making good relationships with each other, don’t worry! You can try develop a good parent-teacher relationship starting from now. Here is a couple Do’s and Don’ts to get you started:

Did you find the tips above helpful?

Download the Do’s and Don’ts in a form of PDF available in two languages, English and Bahasa Indonesia.

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