Who is Brain Optimax?
Brain Optimax is a training and psychological services centre that focuses on the optimization of the brain, the core of the nervous system.
Brain Optimax’s primary training modality centers on the neurological re-training of the brain by way of enhancing beneficial EEG patterns and oxygen perfusion to achieve peak performance in cognitive, emotional, behavioral and physiological functioning. Brain Optimax is founded, supervised and advised by North America-trained health professionals including licensed Psychologists and Neurotherapists.
Who Needs Brain Optimax’s Training?
Pretty much anyone young or young at heart, the only pre-requisite is that you’d need to have a brain! Brain Optimax works with children as young as 2 years of age to mature adults and corporate executives in the prime of their lives to improve mental, emotional and physiological functioning, such as enhancing mental clarity, leading to clarity of thought, improving mental processing speed, increase attention and concentration – for improved learning and memory. Brain Optimax’s program is designed to bring out the best in students and adults to equip them to be able to regularly and consistently perform at their unique level best by optimizing their brainwave and internalizing good self-regulation of their autonomic nervous system.
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