Brain Diagnostics (EEG/QEEG)

Assessments using scientifically reliable, non-invasive functional brain imaging technologies to analyse your brain profile and find the right training for you.

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Psychometric Tests

Assessment using psychological tools in the form of inventories, questionnaires, and tests that measures cognitive skills, knowledge, behaviour and emotional regulation.

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Metabolic Test (HTMA)

Metabolic profiling test that reveals if there’s toxic heavy metals in your body. Mineral imbalance is related to various brain-related deficits & behaviour conditions such as anxiety, ADD, depression, etc.

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Scientifically-based advanced training tools and technologies that train the core of the nervous system, the brain – to effect lasting change for optimal functioning.

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Mind-Body Interventions

Training with the goal to create a dynamic state of balance between body and mind using our selection of mind-body therapeutic interventions.

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Consult with our experts to discuss specific concerns or establish a course of action within a safe, private milieu where client confidentiality is strictly adhered to.

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