Back in high school, Oscar had difficulties concentrating, sleeping and excelling in school. After joining Brain Optimax, he overcame his challenges and at the same time, passing his Cambridge GCE A-level exams.

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Concentration & Sleep

The beginning

I just completed high school recently. I had a concentration problem and I also experienced sleep difficulties. These two problems really affected my studies, so I was perhaps unable to excel academically. My parents were very concerned looking at my school grades. They wanted to know why did I had such low grades, which were below their expectations – actually, they were even below my expectations.

I tried several ways to cope with my problems. I consulted some professionals, psychologists – but they did not help much. They just made me more aware of my problem.

My parents are very academic people – my father has a PhD, and my mother has a Master’s degree in Business Administration. So yeah – of course they were very concerned about me.

One day, they introduced me to Brain Optimax after my mother read about it in a brochure.

The process

I had full faith in the program because I really didn’t know what else to do. It was pretty hard when I was told to look at the screen and make the bars go up or down under the line which was displayed on the screen.

It was pretty hard at first, but.. over time, I got used to the program. I gradually started to understand the essence of the program which is to actually not force yourself but make yourself a lot more comfortable whilst doing the program.

The result

It did actually help me become calm – I was able to control my mind.

After doing the program, everything has changed a lot for me. I started to be able to concentrate a lot more, I had the best sleep and it helped me improve my grades.

My parents helped me by placing a lot of faith in me. They supported me along the program. They listened to what I have to say about it. Then, they saw the results for themselves as I did, actually – excelling in my final exams and my A-level exams.

Because of that, I also successfully got accepted in one of the top 15 universities in the UK, so I’ll be leaving for college pretty soon.

Last words

I’d really like to thank Pak Thio here and the rest of the team for helping me face my problems and solve them.

For people who have concentration or sleep problems like I do, I really suggest that you try this program, at least one session and you try to contemplate about it. Frankly speaking, it really helped me a lot.

Key results

Improved concentration level

Improved sleeping quality

Excelled academically

(Passed Cambridge GCE A-levels)

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