Simple Tips & Tricks to Help Your Kids Concentrate Better

17 Oct 2016 | Attention, Learning

Difficulties with concentration & being easily distracted can heavily impact the learning process of a child, both at school and home. These are 10 things that you can do to practice and accommodate attention difficulties:

1. Avoid frustration.

Try to avoid frustration by making sure that the task is appropriate for his/her grade and breakdown work into smaller tasks.

2. Give clear and simple instructions.

3. Observe their learning styles.

Observe and adapt tasks to his/her learning style (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic).
Some children learn better with visuals, while others might learn better with kinetics.

4. Choose a learning area that is comfortable and far from distractions.

5. Set time limits.

Set time limits when he/she is doing a task and let her/him know how much time he/she has left from time to time.

6. Increase physical activity by exercising.

Kids are often able to concentrate deeper and work more efficiently in bursts.

7. Give stretching breaks.

Give stretching breaks to walk around for a bit from time to time (fixed time limits).

8. Use an agreed upon signal.

Use an agreed upon signal to let him/her know when he/she is losing focus.

9. Change their eating habits.

Reduce sugar consumption, drink lots of water and make sure he/she gets a good night’s sleep every night.

Did you find the tips above helpful?

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