5 Benefits of Study Buddies

11 Oct 2016 | Class Management, Learning

In the old days, having a “study buddy” or peer help may be seen as a negative thing, or even disturbing classroom environment.

However, various studies (1, 2) have found that there are benefits of peer help that may be overlooked.

Here are the 5 benefits to having a study buddy or peer help:

1. Peer help gives opportunities to practice helping behaviour.

Helping behaviour is not easy to teach. Instead of explicitly telling students to “help each other”, it is better learnt through practice instead.

2. Promotes discussion.

Discussion can enhance and expand the students’ understanding of materials.

3. Opens another opportunity of learning.

Linking the first and second point, peer help can support the studying process as students may feel more open and comfortable asking other classmates about the materials they don’t understand.

Having study buddies can improve students’ motivation to learn.

4. Peer help is an interactive but controlled activity.

This gives time to students who chat with their classmates. It may hold down their impulses, and also direct it to a positive way (talking about studying materials instead of games, for example).

5. Help improving students’ understanding and confidence.

Peer help can also help the students who have understood the material by giving them the opportunities to explain it to somebody else. This can enhance their confidence, as well as crystallising their understanding of the material.

tips-peerhelp-previewDid you find the tips above helpful?

To help you further with applying the peer help concept to your class, we have created a PDF with tips, tricks & examples you can implement right away.

Simply use the sign-up form below to access the PDF sheet:

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