The answer to what health supplements your body needs – uniquely – can be garnered from an in-depth
breakdown on how your body is functioning, the vital minerals that are depleted or in excess of, if there’s presence of toxic elements that critically needs removal.

A Hair Tissue Analysis can accurately do all of these. It provides detailed information on the body’s
complex design and functions, giving you firsthand knowledge on how healthy you are and what direction you need to aim for to gain and maintain optimum health.

Hair analysis (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis or HTMA provides an accurate, long-range view of the minerals crucial to the function of every organ, gland and structural system in the body.

Hair analysis gives you an exact elemental breakdown of what your body is made up of. No two analyses are the same. It may be that you lack energy because you are low in iron. A high level of mercury is associated with attention deficit, memory loss and learning difficulty. Excessive cadmium levels are highly correlated with low scholastic achievement and flu-like symptoms.

Why Not Just Depend On Blood Tests?

The nature of the bloodstream is one of balance (homeostasis). It is absolutely essential for the blood to rid the body of toxins as quickly as possible, if it cannot excrete them it will store them. Therefore, organs, glands, tissues, even bones become toxic waste dumps.

Depending on the concentration and the mineral, this “dumping” can take mere minutes to several days. Thereafter, no trace may be found in the blood. In fact, our blood is extremely efficient in maintaining balance that it will reveal a different minerals and hormones picture when we first wake up and by the time we go to bed.

This means that blood tests give you an analysis of what’s happening in a specific moment in time. Hair analysis tells you what’s been going on in the cells respective to the distance of the hair sample from the scalp, i.e. a 2 inch cutting, 1 inch from the scalp is approximately representative of the last 1.5 to 2 months.

Why Hair Analysis?

A hair analysis will help you uncover what is inside your cells at the site where metabolism takes place. There you will be able to see:

Toxic Metals

Toxic elements that are above the reference range. It describes some common symptoms of toxic exposure and accumulation, its effect on health and behavior and the possible causes. Such as lead & aluminum and excess elements such as iron & copper. These could contribute to numerous conditions such as learning difficulties, poor attention, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and depression. Depending on what metal it is, you may need to make dietary changes, have your water checked or even rid yourself of your aluminum cookware or your use of anti-perspirants.

Understanding of Behavior

Hair analysis when professionally interpreted can explain and suggest nutritional solutions to depression, anxiety, phobias, insomnia and hyperactivity considering the role nutritional imbalances have on body chemistry.

Determine Metabolic Types

Hair analysis can accurately identify how individuals burn or metabolize their food with a high degree of accuracy. People metabolize food at differing rates. This finding brought the realization that food intake should therefore be different for different individuals. For instance, someone who burns food very quickly needs food like meat and fats to slow his or her metabolism down.

On the other hand, slow oxidizers need more easily digestible foods to burn as quickly as possible. Many of us do this naturally. The same way food intake should be altered according to metabolic rates, so should nutritional supplements.

What Type of Hair is Tested and How?

The Hair Analysis, or more accurately, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is performed by clipping a sample of hair. The lab recommends the hair at the back of the head between the nape and the crown as the first choice since it grows more evenly.

However, if it is not available, other body hair including arm, leg or pubic hair may be cut (don’t shave because skin particles would contaminate the test). Each substitution inhibits accuracy but a general reading is still possible.

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