Tips for Children with Math Difficulties or Dyscalculia

17 Oct 2016 | Learning, Math

article-dyscalculiatips-pic01Similar to those with dyslexia and dyscalculia, there are two approaches in overcoming math difficulties, such as: intensive practice and lessons, or accommodating their difficulties.

Here are the tips to get you started:

1. Intensive practice.

The first approach, intensive practice, can be done using a technique which is individualized but utilizing the help of a team.

This approach uses private lessons with peers (peer tutoring), and is based on the findings that children learn in different pace.

This technique also pushes the faster-learners to demonstrate their learning by teaching the material to his/her friend.

2. Using accommodation.

The second approach, accommodation, can be done using calculators while counting. A lot of problem in children with dyscalculia is more to do with counting the numbers rather than seeing the connection or relationship between those numbers.

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