The ability to sit still in a class may be easier for others, but more difficult for children with hyperactivity.

In addition to inattention, a child who has hyperactivity may also exhibit impulsiveness, where a child acts or speaks without thinking them through.

They may have difficulty in listening or following directions, as well as constant chatter, frustration, and up to aggression.

Motor cortex in the central region of the brain is important in the ability to control motor output. In addition, anterior cingulate gyrus in the frontal region is vital in controlling impulses.

Hyperactive kids will need fun activities to keep him engaged in the learning process.

Read these 4 tricks on how to create learning activities that are fun and easy to do!

Diagnosing ADHD in adults is not an easy task, as almost everybody has similar symptoms, such as difficulties in concentrating, restlessness, impulsivity, and so on.

Read on to find out the symptoms of ADHD in adults.

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