Reading is one of the most fundamental skills related to academic success. The skill becomes more and more important as a child grows older, and it is expected to develop along with the increased challenges given in school.

Broca’s area in the inferior frontal gyrus is important in the ability to analyse words and articulate them, while Wernicke’s area in the temporal lobes is vital in verbal comprehension.

Teaching kids how to read does not need to be difficult!

Let’s start off with our 9 simple tips & tricks on how to teach your child to read.

When you speak, the language areas of the brain are stimulated. So, how does the brain create and understand language?

Why Brain Optimax?

The modern student today faces an environment that is both exciting and challenging.

In addition to the pressure and stresses of academic demands, students today are constantly bombarded by a plethora of stimuli via smartphones, the ubiquitous internet, their peers and the environment.

Brain Optimax's program for students can be customised to help students achieve their unique level best - so that they have the best chance of excelling in school and in life.

Optimax’s science-based mind-body approach to cognitive enhancement has been demonstrated to increase IQ, improve focus, reduce anxiety to prepare them for their daily challenges.

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