7 Accommodations to Support Learning In Class

13 Sep 2016 | Class Management, Learning

Every student learns in a different way.

Students have their preferred learning style – in the range of visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic.

There are students who are quite extreme on their learning style that they do not retain much information if it is presented in a different way.

Moreover, some students have learning difficulties that are not rooted from poor motivation, but limited cognitive abilities, such as difficulties in concentration and comprehension.

As a teacher, the aim is getting students to understand the topic or objective of the lesson, so accommodations can be made in order to give every student a chance to achieve that aim.

Accommodation is a strategy that can be applied to support students’ learning according to their styles and needs.

It is the technique of adapting teaching styles, or using tools to help a student who learns in a different way than others.

It is important to emphasise that accommodation does not involve changing the curriculum nor the learning objectives of the lesson. The particular student still aims to understand the same topic and objective of the class.

These are a list of accommodations that can be applied in class and some examples:

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