How We Do It

Uncover Phase

We never begin any journey of intervention without first understanding what a person’s presenting challenges and/or difficulties are, her training goals and desired outcome before mapping out a training program or treatment intervention.

Our process begins with a confidential consultation & assessment which involves analyzing quantitative data from a client’s brainwave activity (EEG). Electrical current in the brain drives brain states and functions and any atypical brainwave activities or departures from norms reflect functioning that is not optimal. Subsequent comparison of the brain’s quantitative data against behavioral and cognitive reports serves as the basis for the development of a customized training program.

In addition, assessment may include analyses of physiological signals. Physiological signals are a window to uncovering the resiliency of the nervous system and how well it is coping with internal and environmental demands.

Signals from the heart and respiration help to establish if there is a healthy pattern of variability and heart-respiration synchronization. Other sources of information, such as electrodermal activity from the skin tell us whether the body has an abnormal response to stress and if it is able to regroup or recover after a stressful event.

Optimization Phase

Whether an individual has a less than desirable habit, poor at planning & organizing, physical and/ or emotional trauma or developed a negative adaption pattern over the years, the brain and body can learn to self-regulate and attain a state of equilibrium that brings about more fluid and optimal functioning and better performance. Once a detailed symptom picture has been developed and an agreement is reached on training goals and the desired outcome, the client will begin optimization training that targets specific functional area(s) and to improve the resiliency of the nervous system.

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