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Most other “brain training” programs focus on pedagogic training that center on instructions and verbal impartation of specific knowledge or skills at what we term the “mind” level. The primary focus of Brain Optimax’s programs is on strengthening the core, i.e. the brain. When the core is strengthened, invariably functions are enhanced and performance improves. This is evidenced by research which shows that brainwave training results in increase in IQ of between 10-12 points. (create link to Lubar – U. Tennessee – research pg)

What Can I Expect Once I Enroll in the Brain Optimax Program?

The first phase of the Brain Optimax program is crucial to helping the therapist understand the presenting concern(s) and to get an agreement on training goals and the desired outcome. The client will be required to fill out a paper-based evaluation questionnaire as a way to gain an insight into challenges and areas of concern.

Brainwave data from an electroencephalogram (EEG) is then measured and brainwave frequencies and amplitudes are recorded. It is important to note that nothing is put inside the client’s brain. The electrodes that are placed on various parts of the scalp serve the same purpose as a stethoscope, i.e., a one-way sensoring device. Data collected from the EEG report is then compared against the evaluation questionnaire and data from both serve as the basis for mapping out a personalized training program. Depending on the upshot of the evaluation process, additional information and assessments based on physiological signals from the heart, respiration, skin and muscles may also be taken to determine the resiliency of nervous system and to develop a detailed symptom picture.

Is There Evidence that the Brain Optimax Program Works?

Brain Optimax’s training modalities draw from the evidence-based field of neuro-psychophysiology. Neuro-psychophysiology is a discipline that is evidenced by scientific research for clinical efficacy.

See report by the Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback.

Up to 90% or more of our clients who have undergone the Brain Optimax program report improvements in cognitive, emotional and physiological functioning such as clarity of thought, enhanced memory, better attention, better control of stress and anxiety and so on.

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How Soon Can I Expect To See Results?

Clients generally report positive change as early as the first 10 to 15 sessions of training. However, for functions to improve in a way that is stable and durable, an average of 20 to 30 hours of training is generally required. Having said that, the time commitment needed to see results may vary from individual to individual.

Are there Any Unpleasant Side Effects or Regression of Symptoms from Training?

There are no recorded severe or long lasting side effects from training. It is important to note that Brain Optimax’s training programs are non-invasive and based on established principles of learning. They are designed specifically to restore, balance the brain by gently nudging it toward restoring and stabilizing functions, enhance learning & performance and to avert departures into states of dis-regulation that cause abnormal brain behavior.

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