As an entrepreneur, Renata needed to be able to stay sharp at work. She knew that if she wanted to excel at her business, she had to work on her focus & sleep problems. But what happens when she discovers an emotional trauma she didn’t knew she had?

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Trauma, Poor Focus & Sleep Issue

The beginning

My name is Renata, and I operate a Tour & Travel business.

I came to Brain Optimax because I realized that I have several problems that needed attention. The first one is sleep. I find it hard to sleep at a decent time and tend to sleep in the early hours of the morning.

I also used to have a short concentration span – I was easily distracted by others & things around me. I was also forgetful and found it difficult to keep things in memory for very long.

As an adult, sometimes I find it difficult to talk about my personal life.

In order to uncover my problems thoroughly, I was recommended a qEEG brain diagnostic procedure. I went through with the procedure.

After which, I evaluated the results together with the psychologist. He explained about things that came to me as a surprise – things that I had not disclosed to him – such as a traumatic event I had experienced earlier in life. More importantly, I found out that my emotional trauma might be undermining my sleep and focus issues and thus impairing my ability to function effectively at work.

The process

To deal with it, an individualised training protocol was designed for me.

After the initial neurotherapy sessions that targeted my trauma, I couldn’t sleep and felt anxious the following days. I re-experienced my trauma – it was as if I was watching a video of the experience in my mind.

It was like all the negative experiences I was suppressing had to resurface before it can get better.

The result

After a few sessions of neurotherapy, I felt calmer and could concentrate better.

By the end of the program, I could sleep better and – earlier. My concentration has also improved considerably, and I can handle distractions better.

As my business requires me to have a high level of sustained attention, I now can work better, thanks to the program. Overall, it’s been a great boost to my performance.

Last words

I hope Brain Optimax can help more people in the future. Not only “sick” people that need brain therapy – I don’t have any mental disorders but the program helped optimize my cognitive function.

I’m sure the program can help both children and adults, as everyone can benefit from better concentration regardless of their age or circumstances in life.

Key results

Improved sustained focus

Improved sleeping quality

Excelled at work

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