Optimax Performance for Academic Excellence

In addition to the pressure and stresses of academic demands, a successful student has to learn to find and strike a balance between studies and a social life while at the same time maintaining emotional control in order to surmount some of the toughest challenges he or she has to face as a youth.

The key to a student’s success whether he is in high school or in university lies in training or “sharpening” the brain to achieve optimal cognitive, emotional and physiological peak.

The Optimax Power Performance program is specially designed to help students achieve their unique level best – cognitively, emotionally and physiologically – so that they have the best chance of excelling in high school, university and in life.

Why the Optimax Performance for Academic Excellence Program?

Success oriented students face unique challenges, including:

  • More rigorous academic demands
  • New emotional demands – away from home, loved ones, unfamiliar social and physical environment

Tertiary-bound students need:

  • New skills – cognitively, emotionally, physiologically – to cope with
  • New demands and prevent burnouts
  • Strategies to be successfully surmount challenges

Who is It For?

  • High achieving and success-oriented students from the ages of 13 and up
  • Gifted teens and young adults
  • Students preparing for tertiary studies
  • Tertiary students seeking to gain balance and mastery over their lives


Participants learn to tap mental resources efficiently, leading to:

  • Optimal cognitive performance
  • Develop self-awareness & self-regulation through biofeedback to handle anxiety, adapting to new and challenging situations, social demands, stressful test conditions, tight deadlines, etc.
  • Achieve a state of overall peak performance

About the Optimax Performance Program

A non-residential 2 or 4-day workshop designed specially to help high school students, students transitioning to tertiary studies or university students develop:

  • Mental strength
  • Self-awareness
  • Take them to a higher level of self-confidence in every domain of their lives

Training involves a variety of techniques including:

  • Mental skills training,
  • Mind-body awareness training, and science-based self-regulation skills training using cutting-edge technology
  • (Optional) Quantitative Brain Mapping (Q-EEG) to determine cognitive & emotional strengths & weaknesses; cognitive efficiency, processing speed

Optimax Performance Program Highlights

  • Training involves a variety of techniques such as mental skills training, mind-body awareness training, and self-regulation skills training
  • Relaxation Process teaches participants to enter and hold at will a relaxed state of readiness
  • Psycho-physiological Biofeedback Training teaches participants to regulate their thoughts, emotions, attention and energy
  • Inner Realm Work teaches participants how to transform negative thinking, inner commentary and failures into success using cognitive and experiential techniques
  • Mental Imagery teaches participants how to narrow their focus, and hold the desired imagery of high achievement in their mind’s eye

Benefits of the Optimax Performance for Academic Excellence

Optimax Performance prepares and equips students to:

  • Cope well emotionally, psychologically, physiologically – for the challenges of higher education or life away from home for overseas-bound students
  • Uncover and tap into their inner strength
  • Develop individual strategies to attain balance and harmony
  • Develop mental strength leading to development of better study habits and success in dealing with stressful situations and environments
  • Enhanced cognitive performance for academic success, mental clarity, improved mental processing speed, increased attention and concentration – for improved mental flexibility, learning and memory
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