Digital Marketing Specialist

For a limited time only, we are offering the brightest & most driven students a real-world, practical educational internship experience that will train them to become  true digital marketers through one-on-one mentoring and the real-world context in which to develop the skills and experience to be successful.

Gain An Unassailable Edge

An exceptional opportunity for an outstanding candidate.

If you are an exceptional student that doesn’t settle for second best, we have an exceptional opportunity for you. 


Personalized mentoring & supervision from a senior member of our management team to ensure you receive the best support for success.

University Accredited

Our program satisfies the internship requirements of major universities.

Hands-on Learning

You will roll up your sleeves & participate in every aspect of a digital marketer’s role, everything from planning to execution.

Performance Incentive

Milestone & performance-based financial incentives on offer.

Certificate of Completion

You’ll be officially certified and recognized for your success upon completion.

Real-world Experience

You can’t beat real-world practical experience. Here you’d get to put theory to practice. 

Access to Learning Resources

Access to over $5k worth of digital marketing library from world renowned experts.

Become a Professional Marketer

Designed to help bright, passionate students quickly scale the learning curve of digital marketing communication, this program is purpose built to help you develop the skills for becoming a digital marketing professional.

Learn by Doing

“Tell me & I’ll forget, show me & I may remember; involve me & I will understand.” – Confucius

A hands-on, roll up your sleeves approach to learning. As an immersive program within an entrepreneurial environment, you’ll be challenged to learn by doing & participating

Build Up Experience

Real-world experience

An internship experience is one of the best ways to get a headstart in a career. The real-world experience you’d receive will put you head and shoulders above your peers.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Right attitude+Real-world skills = Success

Success is determined by your attitude and made up of the skills you learn in a practical, real-world environment – like the one offered in this internship.


Jumpstart your Digital Marketing career.

This internship is for you – if you don’t believe in mediocrity. You push boundaries & strive for excellence in learning & in life. You have a can-do attitude and believe that every learning opportunity will get you closer to being a successful digital marketer and are looking for the opportunity to jumpstart your career to new heights.

How long is the Digital Marketing Internship?

The Digital Marketing internship is a full-time program with a minimum duration of 3 months (extendable), with the possibility of acceptance to a full/part-time contractual role.

Where is the office located?

Interns will be based in our North Jakarta office in the modern Mall of Indonesia complex, Kelapa Gading.

What can I expect to learn?

Interns will be exposed to a variety of role-specific learning opportunities from list building, landing page creation, to Instagram growth hacking and much more.

What kind of work will I be doing?

An average workday may involve customizing & deploying chat-bots, design landing pages & lead generation forms that link to email marketing services, organize a social media contest, create content for social media channels & doing influencer outreach. Pretty much everything you’d need to know to be a successful marketer.

What are my working hours?

Working hours are from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. with alternate Saturday morning administrative duty.

What tools can I expect to use?

You’d get to use a variety of business software (SaaS) for email marketing, social media design/creation, website personalization, SEO-ready blogging tools & quiz creation, etc.

What product(s) are we marketing?

Interns will be involved in marketing activities for established international wellness brands we represent locally, including global brand Bulletproof (of the bulletproof coffee fame), as well as pre-launch a new suite of wellness products that includes planners & a mobile app.

Who qualifies for this internship?

This program is open to 4th year Bachelor’s degree students & fresh graduates majoring in PR/Mass Communications, Business Admin, Marketing Communications, Entrepreneurship & other related majors.

Ready to get started?



Get Invited.

We are exclusively inviting outstanding candidates that are serious about building a career in Digital Marketing to apply.

*Be sure to highlight at least one major relevant achievement & personal qualities that make you a suitable candidate and upload all relevant supporting documents

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