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Brain Optimax is a subsidiary of Brain Optimax - Australia, a leader in the exciting field of "fitness solutions for the brain & body". We source & utilize advanced technologies & products to help individuals get the most out of life and promote wellness.

We have an opening for young, dynamic, graduating students majoring in Psychology to join us as an intern Clinician /Therapist. If you are planning to build a career in a science-based clinical therapeutic setting and love working with children and young adults, this job is made for you!

Successful candidates will receive comprehensive training designed to develop competency in delivering clinical services and conduct therapy sessions. Graduating Masters (S2) students, as well as outstanding undergraduate (S1) students from reputable universities with a strong academic track record and a good command of the English language, that are passionate about using applied neuropsychology to help others, are welcome to apply. Outstanding performers stand to be awarded full-time permanent job offers with full employee benefits!

The practice provides an array of psychological interventions and therapeutic services for children and young adults including psychological testing, psychotherapy, counseling, and with non-invasive neuromodulation as the primary therapeutic intervention.
Neuromodulation includes among other things, the use of brain-computer interface-based modalities such as EEG Biofeedback/Neurofeedback, Physiological Biofeedback as well as other tools such as Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS), Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) and Cranio Electro-Stimulation (CES) to help enhance cognitive, emotional and behavioural function.

If selected, you will be inducted into a 12-week formal training & practicum program to give you a solid grounding in the theoretical basis and practical skills to apply a range of diagnostic techniques including qEEG & physiological assessment to identify brain and physiological anomalies that correspond to cognitive, emotional & behavioural functioning as well as the application of neuromodulation interventions.

The training is designed to equip you to eventually independently administer and manage a spectrum of tasks including:

  • Clinical assessment of children, teens and young adults with challenges such as cognitive/ neuro-developmental disorders, e.g., Autism, ADD/HD, anxiety, depression, OCD, etc. using neuropsychological diagnostics, continuous performance tests, etc.
  • Conduct consultations with clients to provide feedback on the findings of assessments, the progress of therapy/training
  • Administer interventions/therapy sessions using a combination of behavioral therapy (ABA)*, neuro-modulatory tools/techniques as well as counselling, CBT*, etc.
  • Case management and preparation of clients’ progress reports

*assumes candidate is trained/qualified to administer intervention.

Learn Applied Neuropsychology

Learn to apply neuropsychological interventions to successfully train or treat clinical issues.

Incentivised Learning

Receive an allowance while you learn and work to defray your transport and other expenses.

Permanent Offer Award

Outstanding interns stand to be awarded a full-time permanent position with full salary & employee benefits.

Growth Sector

Be part of a ‘sunrise’ sector that will only grow ever more exponentially with the advent of technology.

Get Invited.

We are exclusively inviting outstanding candidates that are serious about building a career in a clinical setting to apply. Send your English-language CV to Ms. Novi at: internship@brainoptimax.com

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