QEEG Appointment: How to Prepare and What to Expect

How Should I Prepare for my QEEG Appointment?

For reliable brain activity measurement during your assessment, following these steps on the day of your appointment is crucial.

  • Make sure to wash your hair thoroughly, without using conditioner.
  • Additionally, ensure that your hair is fully dry before attending your appointment, and avoid using styling products like hairspray, gel, wax, or mousse as they may interfere with the EEG measurement.
  • Choose comfortable clothes and avoid wearing tops or shirts with high collars as one electrode will be placed on your upper back.
  • To obtain accurate results, abstain from consuming caffeine (coffee, cola, tea, energy drinks) for at least 2 hours before your assessment and avoid smoking or consuming tobacco for the same duration. If you are a heavy smoker, limit your smoking as much as possible and contact us if you have any concerns.
  • Please do not discontinue any medication prescribed by your doctor on account of undergoing QEEG.

What can I Expect During the QEEG Assessment? 

We require your written consent and agreement to use the data confidentially for research and training purposes.

  • Upon arrival, you will be escorted to the QEEG lab where you will first answer some initial questions on a computer about your current state and readiness to complete the QEEG.
  • The clinician, who may also be your therapist, will measure your head to determine the location of the electrodes. This involves lightly cleaning some areas of the scalp and ear with an alcohol wipe and/or an exfoliant gel and a conductive gel applied to ensure we have good contact with the skin.
  • Following this step, a cap containing 20 electrodes will be fitted over your head and 1 on the ear lobe to measure electrical activity. It is important to note that the electrodes are perfectly safe and only retrieve activity from your head; they do not discharge any electricity.
  • Once the cap has been set up, the clinician will begin to measure your brainwaves while you sit still. Additional instructions may be provided verbally. Your psychologist or clinician will be nearby to monitor the process, and parents with young children are welcome to sit in the room to help their child answer questions as needed.
  • After the cap of electrodes has been removed, you will be offered access to a shower or washroom if you wish to remove any excess electrode conductive gel.

    If you have any questions prior to your scheduled appointment, feel free to contact us at: 

    📱Whatsapp: (+62) 0878 8722 3167
    📬 Email: info@brainoptimax.com
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