Cedrico Ahui's Journey To Overcoming Hyperactivity

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A Step-By-Step Walk Through Of Ahui's Journey


QEEG Brain Assessment

Non-invasive QEEG brain assessment is the first step of Ahui’s journey to uncover area(s) of brain inefficiencies that underlie his cognitive and behavioural symptoms.


Once Ahui’s brain data has been recorded, the process of statistical analysis follows, and an individualized training plan is then developed that is customized to his unique brain profile that addresses areas identified to be inefficient and are targets for optimization.


Optimize Phase

With a customized training plan now drawn up, the optimization phase gets underway to begin unlocking Cedrico Ahui’s potential.

A Simple Process That Just Works!


An in-depth qEEG brain diagnostic assessment is the cornerstone of a successful ADD/ADHD intervention program. That’s how we were able to determine areas of inefficiency in Ahui’s brain.

Once your child’s brain data has been recorded, analyzed, a training plan will be customized based on his unique profile.
With your child’s unique training plan drawn up, he’s now ready to undergo training to take his brain to the next level.

Your Child Too Can Have A Successful Journey - Like Ahui!

Each month we accept a limited number of candidates for our intervention program. Find out if your child is a suitable candidate to embark on a journey to overcome ADHD. Take our  Discovery Quiz to see if you qualify.

Biofeedback” – one of Ahui’s primary intervention modalities at Brain Optimax, is rated by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) as a level no. 1Best Support” for children with ADHD. In simple terms, it is regarded as the primary option and the best ADD/ADHD intervention.

Source: The American Academy of Pediatrics. aappublications.org/

customized training

All our programs for ADHD, including academic remediation &  neuro-modulation training (including Biofeedback) can be fully customised to address each individual’s specific needs & brain profile to achieve the best possible outcome.

gold standard

Our ADD/ADHD diagnostic procedure is comprehensive yet meets the gold standard in clinical assessments, going beyond observation to incorporate standardized psychological questionnaires, continuous performance tests, EEG & quantitative or qEEG analysis.

multi-disciplinary team

Brain Optimax is supported by an international panel of brain science experts including Neurologists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and EEG/qEEG Diplomates that will help you navigate every step of the optimization process – from assessment, consultation to program design & training supervision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a qEEG brain assessment?

A qEEG brain assessment is a scientific method of analyzing the brain’s activation pattern by way of reading the electrical current flow. It is a procedure that’s both safe and non-invasive. Much like how a stethoscope functions, nothing is put inside the brain.

What happens during a qEEG brain assessment?

A cap that resembles a swim cap will be placed over your child’s head. Nothing is put inside your child’s head. A conductive gel will be applied to small openings distributed throughout the cap to read the brain’s electrical current flow.  Your child may sit down and watch TV or lie down during the qEEG recording.

What sort of interventions do you offer?

We offer non-invasive neuro-modulation interventions to optimize the brain. Non-invasive neuromodulation is a group of training and treatment interventions that has a strong research-evidence of efficacy. Neuro-modulation takes advantage of brain plasticity – the ability of the brain to change positively to effect long-term, permanent change.

What are the key differentiators in your approach?

We take a customized approach to intervention because no two brains are alike. As such, each training plan is uniquely designed to address the specific needs of each child based on their unique brain profile.

In line with our customized approach, training sessions are conducted one-on-one, with one clinician attending to one child individually.

Is your therapeutic intervention safe?

Optimax’s training and treatment modalities are research-evidenced to be efficacious and non-invasive. No radiation or any other harmful substances are used in the course of the training or treatment.

Others Who Have Taken The Journey…

Sebelumnya Jose hanya bisa mengucapkan beberapa kata saja, selebihnya uh-ah-uh-ah sehingga yang diajak ngomong gak ngerti dan Jose jadi mudah marah karena jengkel karena tidak bisa mengungkapkan keinginan. setelah terapi Jose jadi mudah untuk mengikuti kata-kata yang diajarkan, dan Jose juga merasa senang karena sering dipuji setiap kali dia berhasil mengucapkan kata-kata baru, sekarang Jose jadi cerewet. Thanks Brain Optimax.

Jose – 2 y.o.

Shalom. Thank God, by the grace of Christ Jesus, Kezia has become more responsible, focused, confident and much more. It’s all thanks to the neurofeedback training at Brain Optimax! In addition, members of the team there are a fun and positive bunch to boot. Thank you for everything. God bless you all." NB: May Brain Optimax be a blessing to families all across Indonesia.

Kezia Pattikayhatu – 7 y.o.

Anak kedua saya ADD, selama ini anak saya hanya mengandalkan obat saja utk konsentrasi which is efek obat itu dia males makan dan jd ketergantungan. Puji Tuhan tanpa sengaja saya membaca melalui mbah Google tentang tempat bernama Brain Optimax. Disini anak saya mendapat kan therapy yang bagus tanpa obat2 an. Memang mahal tapi melihat perubahan anak saya bisa belajar tanpa bantuan obat ini luar biasa. Sekarang saya ambil paket therapy ke 2 buat anak saya biar lebih maksimal. Terus memberikan yang terbaik ya Brain Optimax.. God bless🙏🏽

H. Elisabeth, mother of Raffael T. – 13 y.o.

Setelah join terapi Brain Optimax Varo sudah lebih bagus & lebih mudah untuk memahami instruksi yang diberikan oleh guru. Dia sudah lebih berani mengeluarkan suara & mengucapkan kata-kata. Varo mulai menunjukkan kemauannya untuk bermain dengan saudara yang seumurnya atau dewasa. Terima kasih Brain Optimax.



Rita, Mother of Varo – 3 y.o.

Take our Discovery Quiz to see if you qualify.

Each month we accept a limited number of candidates for our personalized, one-on-one intervention program. Find out if your child is a suitable candidate to embark on a journey to overcome ADHD. 

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