5 Reasons Why Children Should Rate Their Emotions

14 Oct 2016 | Uncategorized


Importance of Emotion RatingParents often forget that emotion is an important part of a child’s development.

While some children are more outward with their feelings, some may have problems expressing what they feel. To teach them the concept of emotion, you can ask use the emotion rating system.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use the emotion rating system today:

1. It is an easy way to learn to start communicating about their feelings.
Children often have not developed enough verbal ability or emotion regulation ability to appropriately express their emotions with words. Bringing them in front of the emotion ratings is a start to communicate their feelings appropriately.
2. It makes children feel like their feelings are being heard by us, and that we care about them.
If we keep asking them “Why are you angry?” without understanding how angry they are, children may think that we don’t understand enough of their feelings.
3. This can be a tool to explain the nuance of emotions.
Emotions ratings are great to explain that they don’t have to be very happy or very angry; there are lots of emotions in between.
4. Prevent tantrum, or other escalating behaviors.
Tantrum sometimes happen when the child cannot express their wants, needs, or feelings. By using the emotion ratings, you can prevent the outburst from happening, and the child can learn that tantrums aren’t the right way to express their feelings.
5. Help children who are quiet to express their feelings.
Sometimes, some children are very quiet and reserved that they find it hard to explain their feelings through words. When this is the case, you can use the visual aid and ask them to point at the emotion they are feeling.
Want to try applying the emotion rating right away? Use our worksheet with 6 different emotions to get started.

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