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Did your child receive the grades he’s capable of achieving this report card day?  If the answer is no or perhaps, you know your child’s potential isn’t fully realized, take heart. There are a few little known facts about the brain that we would like to share with you today that you can take advantage of immediately to help your child learn better, be more focused, accelerate his learning capacity, improve his behaviour – so that he can excel in school and avail of greater opportunities in life!  You read? Here goes..



Also known as brain plasticity, is the unique characteristic the brain has to change – positively – when exposed to opportunities of neuroplasticity-based training or exercise called neuromodulation.


We can train our brains – just as we can train our muscles.

A research by University of Chicago’s psychologist Joe Kamiya, found that we can voluntarily ‘control’ or ‘exercise‘ our brainwaves to produce beneficial patterns – that leads to better cognitive functioning such as improved memory, attention, comprehension, emotional control, etc. More importantly exercising or to use the technical term – neuro – (brain) modulating – our brain doesn’t just lead to short term functional improvements but with regular practice, results in permanent long-term improvements that reflect a ‘structural’ change.
In a 1995 study conducted by University of Tennessee psychologist Dr. Joel Lubar and his colleagues, IQ increases averaging 9.7 points with an experimental group of 23 children were reported when exposed to neuromodulation training.

Other researchers reported an average increase of 23.5 points with a sample of 15 children (Othmer et al. 1999) and another group (Thompson and Thompson, 1998) reported increase that averaged 12 points with a group of 98 children.



Results That Are Measurable!

The best part about neuromodulation brain exercise is that areas of the brain that are inefficient can be safely and easily detected using a brain diagnostic procedure called qEEG. In addition, by doing a before-after or pre/post-training comparison of the qEEG brain scan results can be quantified to measure the outcome of the neuromodulation training.


Training modalities that conform to the highest safety standards.


No harmful invasive procedures using in assessment & training programs.


Offering only training & treatment modalities that are evidenced by scientific efficacy studies.

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Featured Case Studies

Explore stories of the life transforming experience of participants in Brain Optimax’s neuromodulation brain training program.

Oscar struggled throughout high school with his grades despite being a knowledgeable and bright young man. His parents believed he was capable of performing much better than his grades suggest and felt his potential was somehow ‘locked up’. Read Oscar’s journey of self-discovery and how Brain Optimax’s program helped unlocked his potential to succeed in school.



Priscilla was labeled “incapable of learning” by a special needs specialist when her parents brought her to see us. This is what her mother, Madam Yeni reported after her Brain Optimax training:

“This is the best help my child has received, with the fastest and most significant result we have seen. My child had a high level of anxiety and despite having taken her to be treated almost everywhere, there was just no significant result. Brain Optimax was our last stop. Her anxiety gradually diminished – without the use of medicine. And she started to gain confidence. It took less than a year to see positive results. It’s well worth the time and money spent, in comparison to other places that offer no positive result.”


Brain Training Leader with a 10 Year History

Established in 2009, Brain Optimax is on a mission to helping children and young adults reach their potential cognitively and emotionally to excel in school, the workplace and in life. We are guided by the principles of professionalism and a rigorous adherence to science-based methodologies that are proven, safe and non-invasive to enhance performance.


Or More Experience Post-training Success

Years of Combined Experienced

Scientific Process

Brain Optimax’s training program is based on hard science. We understand that every child has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses and therefore every brain has to be trained differently in order to achieve the best possible outcome based on his individual brain profile. As such, prior to embarking on the training journey, each participant’s brain profile is first established using a safe, scientific brain diagnostic approach called qEEG, as a basis to creating a customized and individualized training plan – unique to his brain type.

International Scientific Panel

Brain Optimax is supported by an international panel of brain scientists including board-certified pediatric neurologists, psychologists, EEG technologists and neurotherapy clinicians..

Robert Turner, M.D., MSCR, QEEGD

Robert Turner, M.D., MSCR, QEEGD

Pediatric Neurologist

Vincent Clark, PhD

Vincent Clark, PhD

Translational Neuroscientist

Jonathan Walker, M.D., QEEGD

Jonathan Walker, M.D., QEEGD


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Over 800+ Satisfied Customers

“Shalom. Thank God, by the grace of Lord Jesus, Kezia has become more responsible, focused,  confident and much more. It’s all thanks to the neurofeedback training at Brain Optimax! In addition, members of the team there are a fun and positive bunch to boot. Thank you for everything. God bless you all.” NB: May Brain Optimax be a blessing to families all across Indonesia.“ Evi, aunt of Kezia P.

“My second  son has problems with attention, and all this time we’ve been relying on medication alone for his concentration issue. The side effect of the drug makes him lose his appetite and over time, he became drug-dependent. Praise God, I found Brain Optimax and enrolled my son in their program. Here my child receives a non-drug therapy, which is great. Seeing the change my child has made in his learning – without medication – is remarkable. I’ve just signed him up for a 2nd therapy block. Keep up the outstanding work, Brain Optimax. God bless.” H. Elisabeth, mother of Raffael T.

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