Clinical Internship

Special Needs Children-focused

This Internship Is For You If…

You have a keen interest in, and have completed or are pursuing tertiary education in Psychology, Neuropsychology or Applied Neuroscience. Other attributes that will be taken into consideration include:

  • The ability to play well with children, and have an interest in a career working with special needs children. 
  • Prior experience working with or exposure to children with ADD/ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia, Speech Delay.
  • A keen interest in novel, neuropsychological and psychophysiological interventions that are evidence-based, as demonstrated by prior research conducted or courses taken.

Your Pathway To Becoming A Professional Clinician in a Holistic Psychological Practice

Whether your aspiration is to be a Clinical or Educational Psychologist or a Clinician in an eclectic psychological clinic, Brain Optimax offers a unique opportunity for qualified candidates to participate in the clinical experience that prepares you for professional work in a clinical setting.

Neuropsychological Interventions

Selected interns will receive theoretical and practical training in the use of non-invasive neuromodulation tools that enhance cognitive function, regulate emotion, etc. 

Supervised Clinical Experience

Clinical interns that demonstrate maturity and competency will have the benefit of clinical experience, working with clients that present with conditions as ADD/HD, Dyslexia, Generalized Anxiety.

Real-World Projects

As an immersive program, selected interns can expect to participate in meaningful real-world projects such as brainstorming, creating and disseminating educational content, and the development of mental health products/services.

What’s On Offer

As an internationally affiliated psychological practice that’s eclectic in its approach and that incorporates applied neuroscience and psychophysiological self-regulation in its repertoire of therapeutic interventions, Brain Optimax offers a rare opportunity and training ground for would-be clinicians and psychologists to immerse in a clinical setting.

Successful candidates will receive formal training to learn the theoretical basis of our methodologies as well as a hands-on practicum component to gain competency in assisting in the administration of psychological interventions, including neuromodulation and psychophysiological self-regulation training. Outstanding interns may be offered a salaried role upon successful completion of the internship.

Training Supervision

Professional clinical supervision from a senior psychologist to ensure learning objectives are met.

Internship Duration

A 3-month comprehensive clinical internship program that prepares interns for work in a professional clinical setting.

Get Certified

Certificate of participation upon successful completion of internship.


This opportunity is open exclusively to:

  • Outstanding, energetic graduating students (Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree) and/or recent graduates majoring in Psychology or Applied Neuroscience that
  • Have a passion in working with special needs children and young adults with cognitive, psychological and/or neurodevelopmental challenges.
  • Preference will be given to candidates who have some prior knowledgor experience workinwith children.
  • Ability to speak & write at least Intermediate-level English (IELTS: 7.0-equivalent)
  • Only candidates who have completed at least 3 years of a 4-year undergraduate degree will be considered.

How To Apply

We are exclusively inviting outstanding candidates that are serious about building a career in Psychology to apply. *Get invited to have your application reviewed now.

*Be sure to upload your CV, transcript, passport-size photo and other supporting documents. Note that internship openings are not salaried positions. 

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