Simple Tips & Tricks to Help Your Kids Love Writing

17 Oct 2016 | Learning, Writing

When a child is able to tell us orally about their ideas and thoughts but struggles to put in on paper, these are some things we can do to enhance their writing skill:

1. Practicing activities to enhance fine motor skills.

Such as colouring, cutting shapes, finger painting, and tracing.

2. Prepare his/her readiness to hold a pencil.

3. Teach the kid by doing other interactive activities.

Such as catching, throwing, kicking, and making a circle on the ground/sand.

Get your child books with topics that he/she is interested in, like their favourite cartoon or animal.

4. Start from something that interests your child.

Such as his/her own name, food, etc.

5. Write using various media.

Such as a laptop, sand, paint, stickers, etc.

6. Divide a task into smaller components.

This is so it is less overwhelming. Help him/her to do it step by step.

Try using various media and writing tools so the child will not be bored.

7. Practice writing and identify mistakes together.

8. Use a message board at home.

Use the board to write rules or messages for each other.

9. Do activities to differentiate shapes and sizes.

Did you find the tips above helpful?

We have created a PDF version of the tips above which you can print or share to friends. It’s available in two languages, English and Bahasa Indonesia.

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