The Brain Optimax program is founded on established psychological principles of learning and emerging knowledge from neuroscience to strengthen the brain and nervous system function. Neuro-scientific research shows that the brain is capable of change in response to the stimulation of learning and experience – by physically forming new neural connections and networks which result in better adaptation, improved cognitive & emotional functioning and physiological self-regulation.

Drawn from the field of Neuro-psychophysiology, Brain Optimax’s training involves providing an individual with real-time information (via a feedback loop) about how her nervous system is performing, so that the individual can use the information to self-adjust and improve her own performance. This process could be likened to using a mirror to self –rectify or self-correct. By the same token, in neuro-psychophysiology-based trainings, an individual learns to self-regulate her involuntary or autonomic nervous system processes to optimize them, whether it’s her brainwave or her physiological processes, such as heart rate variability, respiration, blood perfusion in the brain, etc

Neuro-psychophysiology-based brain training techniques are scientifically evidenced to produce positive, sustainable, replicable outcomes. A large body of research by some of the most respected scientists has pointed to IQ increases – by as much as 19 points; improved musical performance (an Imperial College-UK research), improved academic performance and substantial improvement in attention, reaction time and reduction in impulsivity and variability – as a result of neuro-psychophysiology-based brain training.

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