Executive Stress Buster Course

This is a three day course suitable for executives, managers, directors and anyone with a staff management role. By the end of the course, each participant will have a personal stress profile and developed practical psycho-physiological stress busting tactics.

Post training support includes one-on-one coaching, weekly newsletter to refine, hone and develop strategies covered in the training room, to further enhance participants’ performance.

Course Description

Most of the common health and performance problems facing corporate executives today can be traced back to lifestyle imbalances. As the pace and stress level of an executive’s life accelerate, it is easy to lose balance in many aspects of life. Being out of balance creates stress for us and stressors can push us further out of balance. Some of the mechanisms executives use to cope with problems they face may be ineffective or might even worsen problems.

This workshop is designed to help executives understand the risks and impact of stress on performance and health, and include a practical learning component using advanced biofeedback monitoring devices to help participants gain awareness of their individual stress trigger(s) and develop good self-regulation techniques.

Course Outline

  • Detecting the signs of stress
  • The cost of absenteeism
  • Self-awareness as a way to develop self-confidence in handling stress
  • Practicum: Hands-on stress mini-workshop sessions
    • Individual stress assessment
    • Biofeedback self-regulation training
    • Developing personal de-stressing strategies
  • Clearing limiting beliefs
  • Empowering the executive
  • Enhancing performance through regulation of thoughts, emotions and attention

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