Brain Optimax’s Optimal Performance for Executives Promotional Package

Brain Optimax’s Corporate Wellness program is designed to help employers get the best out of their executive workforce and excel at the workplace.

Witness the office milieu positively transformed after our program! Research has shown increased productivity and job satisfaction with a decrease in sick days as a direct result of neuropsycho-physiology based training in the workplace.

As a corporate training partner of Brain Optimax, you could save up to 25% on your staff training fees. We will tailor a brain training program to meet your organization’s needs that takes into account the unique nature of your industry and/ or work environment, key areas of challenges, etc. We will support you with marketing efforts including seminar presentations, information sheets and workplace wellness/ productivity fair support.

Areas of Impact with Executive Brain Optimization Training:

  • Integrating evidence-based neuro-psychophysiological training techniques that increases focus, reduce anxiety, negative thought patterns and stress levels;
  • Develop an inner calm to deal more effectively with deadlines and challenges;
  • Enhance individual work performance;
  • Increased productivity and decreased overall no. of sick days;
  • A more balanced life

Our Customized Program Includes:

  • Assessing executives for cognitive efficiency, emotional strength, using an objective yet non-invasive brain mapping procedure;
  • Personalized training programs to help each of your executive reach his/ her full potential in the workplace

To provide your workforce with a flexible, trusted and scientifically based program that can help to increase productivity, call us at +62 21 4587 0229 or email us at

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