Resep Membangun Budaya Perusahaan Sukses

RESEP MEMBANGUN BUDAYA PERUSAHAAN SUKSES BY MARGARETH INGRID SONATA, PSIKOLOG Jul 17, 2018 editor@brainoptimax.com brainoptimax.com Perusahaan yang sukses mempunyai budaya yang sukses. Budaya organisasi merupakan sistem yang membuat perusahaan anda berbeda dari...

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Depression in Adults

  Anxiety is the body’s normal response in the presence of stress. Everyone experiences feelings of nervousness, anxiety, worrisome and panic in daily life. However, when an individual is unable to control his/her anxiety and it significantly impacts his/her...

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4 Tips to Enhance the Love of Reading

You're on Brain Optimax's Learning Site Go to Brain Optimax's Main Site →   Reading is very important in our school-age children’s lives. Even though it is involved in every subject, many children struggle to love it, some even hates the activity. How to get our...

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Pentingnya Pemeriksaan EEG Untuk Autisme

Sebagai orangtua dari anak dengan spektrum autisme, Parents mungkin pernah mendengar tentang pemeriksaan otak menggunakan alat EEG. Namun, apakah Parents tahu bahwa selain kejang yang terlihat, terdapat juga kejang tak terlihat yang hanya terjadi di dalam otak individu tersebut?

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ADHD in Adults

A person with ADHD may not always recognize it, because other people may have the similar symptoms. Because of this, people need sensitivity to recognize whether the symptoms are temporary or repetitively intrusive to their daily lives. The symptoms usually occur in …

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Does My Child Have Speech Delay?

As parents, we always want to keep track on our child’s development. To know whether your child’s speech development is going smoothly, here are a few pointers as parents’ directions to keep track on the child’s speech development:

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