Kids with Short Attention Span in Class: What to Do?

17 Oct 2016 | Attention, Learning

article-definition-attentionspanEvery child has a different attention span. Even without a child who has been formally diagnosed with attention difficulties, a class has various level of attention span that needs to be addressed.

Here are some simple tips to bring back the attention of those who has shorter span:

1. Call his/her name.

This is one of the easiest tips, as you can slip it in anytime. Don’t single any child out; consistently call out anyone who gets distracted.

2. Make sure his/her table is clean of anything other than the current activity.

3. Carefully locate the child’s seat.

Don’t put him/her near distractions (e.g. door, children with loud habit, children who are coughing/sneezing, pencil sharpener, etc.)

4. Point to his notebook/the activity to bring back his/her attention.

5. Stand next to him/her every once in a while.

Without saying anything, your presence will help him put focus on what he is doing.

6. Assign him to do classroom job once in a while.

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