Today, the exact same assessment and training procedure that Chris Kaman went through to beat ADHD is available right here in Indonesia!

Neuromodulation brain training or more commonly known as “EEG Biofeedback” or “Neurofeedback” is a safe, non-invasive,  drug-free approach with over 30 years of research evidence.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) rated “Biofeedback” as a level no. 1Best Support” for children with ADHD. In simple terms, it is regarded as the primary option and the best ADD/ADHD intervention.  What’s more, our systematic approach further ensures that every child’s training program is 100%  customized to match his unique brain profile to yield the best possible result! Check out our 3-Step Process.


An in-depth qEEG brain diagnostic assessment is the cornerstone of a successful ADHD treatment program. That’s how Kaman discovered his misdiagnosis.


Once your child’s brain data has been recorded, analyzed, a training plan will be customized based on his unique profile.


With your child’s unique training plan drawn up, he’s now ready to undergo training to take his brain to the next level.

Limited Time Offer

Get A Consultation And A Single-site Evaluation for *Rp 799,000 Only!

Consult with our Psychological team and receive an abbreviated 1-site brain assessment from us. (*Normal fee Rp 1,500,000)

science-based approach

We don’t take chances when it comes to helping children with ADHD. As a science-based practice, we offer only assessment procedures & therapeutic interventions that have been evidenced to be efficacious in peer-reviewed research journals. 


Biofeedback, one of our primary brain behavioural interventions is vetted as a “Level 1 – Best Support” intervention for ADD/ADHD by the American Academy of Pediatrics.


A Brain Optimax assessment procedure – the neuropsychiatric  electroencephalograph interpretive assessment aid has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Diagnosing ADD/ADHD.

customized training

All our programs for ADHD, including academic remediation &  neuro-modulation training (including Biofeedback) can be fully customised to address each individual’s specific needs & brain profile to achieve the best possible outcome.

gold standard

Our ADD/ADHD diagnostic procedure is comprehensive yet meets the gold standard in clinical assessments, going beyond observation to incorporate standardized psychological questionnaires, continuous performance tests, EEG & quantitative or qEEG analysis.

multi-disciplinary team

Brain Optimax is supported by an international panel of brain science experts including Neurologists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and EEG/qEEG Diplomates that will help you navigate every step of the optimisation process – from assessment, consultation to program design & training supervision.

What Our Parents Are Saying

Listen in to what parents of children who have undergone the training are saying!

“I had a concentration problem and also experienced sleep difficulties. These two problems really affected my studies, so I was unable to excel academically. My parents were very concerned looking at my school grades.
After doing the program, I started to be able to concentrate a lot more, I had the best sleep and it helped improve my grades.
Because of that, I was successfully accepted into one of the top 15 universities in the UK. For people who have concentration or sleep problems like I do, I really suggest that you try this program. Frankly, it really helped me a lot.

Oscar U.

“My second  son has ADD, and all this time we’ve been relying on medication alone for his concentration issue. The side effect of the drug makes him lose his appetite and over time, he became drug-dependent. Praise God, I Googled a place called Brain Optimax and enrolled my son in their program. Here my child receives a non-drug therapy, which is great. It’s more expensive (than meds) but seeing the change my child has made in his learning – without medication – is remarkable. I’ve just signed him up for a 2nd therapy block. Keep up the outstanding work, Brain Optimax. God bless. “

H. Elisabeth, mother of Raffael T.

“Shalom. Thank God, by the grace of Lord Jesus, Kezia has become more responsible, focused,  confident and much more. It’s all thanks to the neurofeedback training at Brain Optimax!

In addition, members of the team there are fun and a positive bunch to boot.

Thank you for everything. God bless you all

NB: May Brain Optimax be a blessing to families all across Indonesia.

Evi, aunt of Kezia P.

Limited Time Offer

Get A Consultation And A Single-site Evaluation for *Rp 799,000 Only!

Consult with our Psychological team and receive an abbreviated 1-site brain assessment from us. (*Normal fee Rp 1,500,000)