6 Steps to Deal with Cyberbullying

12 Oct 2016 | Emotion Regulation, Learning

There is no way we can escape the internet in today’s world.

We are constantly on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, sometimes without realizing that we are opening ourselves to immediate feedback from other people.

The feedback sometimes can either be constructive, or deliberately hurtful.

As teachers and parents, we should equip all of our children with strategies to face cyberbullying.

What can they do when it happens?

1. Stop looking at the page and breathe.

Tell yourself: It’s going to be okay. Calm yourself down.

2. NEVER impulsively answer the hurtful post/comment.

Close the page/social media down, and avoid opening it until you are ready to think clearly. With anger and hurt feelings, you may regret your immediate response later on.

3. Understand this: just because somebody says it, it doesn’t mean it’s true.

Don’t label or judge yourself according to what is said in the internet. It is not only going to hurt yourself, but it will also hurt your self-image.

4. It is not as important to them as it is to you.

Think about their condition: you will spend some time (sometimes days, weeks, or years!) to think about that post, while they probably did it without much thought in less than one minute. They have probably forgotten about the post by now.

5. Find adult support.

The most effective strategy to deal with it will depend on your individual situation. Ask a trusted adult about his/her opinion and wisdom.

6. Look through your privacy setting in social media.

The appropriate privacy setting will protect you from strangers/people who will be a negative source of influences in your daily life.

Did you find the tips above helpful?

We have created a PDF version of the tips above which you can print or share to friends. It’s available in two languages, English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Simply use the sign-up form below to access the PDF sheet:

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